ProSet Agent Services

Contract Negotiation Advisement

ProSet has successfully negotiated numerous NFL Player contracts for many NFL players with NFL team management, including negotiation of player specific terms such as guaranteed money and signing bonus provisions. Due to working in the NFL for a substantial amount of time, Proset has an extensive number of long-standing trusted relationships with scouts and general managers on NFL teams.

Pre Draft Training

ProSet is equally as committed to your success as you are. You work hard, and so do we. We have prior and existing business relationships with some of the top trainers, nutritionists and facilities to help you achieve the best conditioning available in preparation for your school’s pro day, and regional and national combines.

Marketing and Endorsements

ProSet has negotiated numerous contracts and business agreements and it will use its market knowledge, as well as business and tax experience, to maximize your earning potential through marketing and endorsement deals.

Charitable Endeavors

For clients interested in “giving back,” ProSet has experience in developing and structuring 501(c)(3) non-profit charities to benefit programs for youth football, after school tutoring, and community improvement, or other outreach or faith opportunities.

Estate Planning & Tax Preparation

ProSet is unique in that it has personnel with substantial estate planning and tax preparation experience. Very few athlete agent firms have the ability to provide this type of guidance “in house.” Oftentimes, professional athletes must look elsewhere to assist in these areas throughout their careers, a time consuming endeavor that ProSet can streamline for athletes to help them focus on their primary career goals.    

Post Career Counseling

ProSet has the tools to transition an athlete from a career in professional sports, including the ability to provide meaningful advice regarding potential business opportunities or other career goals upon retirement from professional sports.